Circulo de Stickistas & Stickistas Day!

Ou elle comme tout Evry beau dit !

Circulo de Stickistas & Stickistas Day!

Messagepar stickista » 14 Août 2013, 01:04

►Circulo de Stickistas de Argentina
►Circulo de Stickistas de Chile
►Circulo de Stickistas de Venezuela
►Circulo de Stickistas de Colombia
►Circulo de Stickistas de Puerto Rico
►Circulo de Stickistas de Costa Rica
►Circulo de Stickistas de Mexico
►Circulo de Stickistas de Italia
►Circulo de Stickistas de España


As a natural consequent of our recent Stickistas Compilation, it is a honor to present now the Circulo de Stickistas: a reunion of Stick organization from different countries.

The Circulo de Stickistas is a project that born in 1995 and it expand now to other places. We all will try to work in coordination with workshops, concerts, Cds releases, promoting Stick artists, meetings, teaching, seminars and more. It will be also a point of contact for interested musicians that want to know more about the Chapman Stick directly from stickistas.

The new website that reunite all the news -ordered by countries- is available from now at
You can register as a collaborator, associate or just subscribe to be informed for future events.

We will also present our Facebook forum Stickistas.

all the best,
Guillermo Cides

Saturday 24 · August 2013

►Stick workshop Buenos Aires (Argentina)
►Stick workshop Santiago (Chile)
►Stick workshop Corrientes (Argentina)
►Stick workshop Bogotá (Colombia)
►Stick workshop Córdoba (Argentina)
►Stick workshop Caracas (Venezuela)

Simultaneous Stick workshop in different cities and countries. / Full Information

Clinic de Stick simultáneos en diferentes ciudades y países.
Toda la informacion en
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