Happy new year

Ou elle comme tout Evry beau dit !

Happy new year

Messagepar mcoconut » 22 Janvier 2011, 20:03

Happy new year , for all the stickists , tappers , guitarist bassist who don't read in French , take care , love is all we need , bless u all

Mac ;)
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Re: Happy new year

Messagepar Warwick » 24 Janvier 2011, 11:26

Thanks Mac
Hugs and kisses
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Re: Happy new year

Messagepar Youenn Landreau » 24 Janvier 2011, 23:37

Hey, Warwick ! Always happy to get news of you.
I was thinking to you, playing with my brother Fanch. Maybe you could appreciate our duet

This last one is perhaps the one you will prefer, I'm sure that you know this tune that was played by Planxty 40 years ago...
All the best my friend.
Je ne sais pas pourquoi je t'écris en Anglais alors que tu parles hyper bien Français. Oh sorry, we're in the rosbif area...
Frog Youenn.
Youenn Landreau
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